Hi, when ever i search for some thing on youtube, 99% of the results i am getting are from India, i …

YouTube 10 reply • 10 browse • 2019-07-04

Subscriber count not updating?

When i search my channel on youtube, it shows 2 subscribers but when i open it , it actually has 97 …

YouTube 10 reply • 11 browse • 2019-06-30

I can't chat on live streams. Please help!

Hi, My message keeps disappearing on live streams, even though it's not spam. Someone, please help. …

YouTube 10 reply • 14 browse • 2019-06-30

is there a yearly subscription? for YouTube premium. i dont like the monthly options

I'm looking for a yearly subscription and you dont have that op8

YouTube 10 reply • 12 browse • 2019-06-24

sort playlists alphabetically

It appears that you can not sort your Playlists alphabetically. I think this would be very helpful, …

YouTube 10 reply • 13 browse • 2019-06-18

Watched videos are being unmarked and showing as not having been watched

Lately whole sections of my subscriptions' videos that were marked as watched only the day before (a…

YouTube 10 reply • 13 browse • 2019-06-03

i can't skip ads at all????

i don't understand why i can't skip ads at all is there an option i didn't do or something ?????

YouTube 5 reply • 15 browse • 2019-05-05

My views are getting decreased why so it is happening i want penalty for this

My views got decreased firstly my views were 440 then i saw after sometime they decended to 263 then…

YouTube 5 reply • 20 browse • 2019-05-04

Looking for a the name of a song played in a YouTube ad

There was this music ad (the ones where the ad is an entire music video) it was played at the end of…

YouTube 10 reply • 16 browse • 2019-05-04

restricted mode enabled by "network administrator", on a personal wifi network

My MacBook randomly started doing this about a day ago. Occasionally I'll start a video on my iPhone…

YouTube 10 reply • 17 browse • 2019-05-03

Notifications for comment but no comment on video?

This has occured several times within the past few weeks. I will see that someone has commented on o…

YouTube 10 reply • 22 browse • 2019-04-30

How do I disable the mini player?

There is no option to disable it under playback and performance as a quick google search suggests.

YouTube 10 reply • 11 browse • 2019-04-26

Youtube keep showing same Recommended clips although i watched them.

Youtube keep showing same Recommended clips although i watched them. If i watch video clip through o…

YouTube 10 reply • 17 browse • 2019-04-19

Watched videos keep coming up, how can I stop that?

Video's that I already watched keep coming up in [suggested videos] and on the home page. What I hav…

YouTube 10 reply • 21 browse • 2019-04-15

I have a premium YouTube account, yet it doesn't recognize that I am.

I'm only noticing this issue of very recently. I can't download videos, can't watch in the backgroun…

YouTube 5 reply • 18 browse • 2019-04-01

Why my watch time is decreasing continuously?

My channel's watch time was earlier 3900 but from 2-3weeks it has decreasing continuously and has d…

YouTube 5 reply • 19 browse • 2019-03-24

Can’t comment on any YouTube video

I can’t comment on any YouTube video while I do have an official google YouTube account.

YouTube 10 reply • 19 browse • 2019-03-20

Why does YouTube delete my likes?

So I watch YouTube A LOT. And I like to support my favorite YouTubers by liking their videos. I can …

YouTube 10 reply • 18 browse • 2019-03-16

YouTube is deleting people's comments

I've been noticing that YouTube has been deleting comments as of lately. It's already bad enough tha…

YouTube 10 reply • 18 browse • 2019-03-10

Report channels who are showing animal abuse

Hello, I would like to report channel who is showing incredible animal abuse with several ways how t…

YouTube 10 reply • 17 browse • 2019-03-04