i can't skip ads at all????

i don't understand why i can't skip ads at all is there an option i didn't do or something ?????

YouTube 5 reply • 21 browse • 2019-05-05

My views are getting decreased why so it is happening i want penalty for this

My views got decreased firstly my views were 440 then i saw after sometime they decended to 263 then…

YouTube 5 reply • 27 browse • 2019-05-04

Looking for a the name of a song played in a YouTube ad

There was this music ad (the ones where the ad is an entire music video) it was played at the end of…

YouTube 10 reply • 25 browse • 2019-05-04

restricted mode enabled by "network administrator", on a personal wifi network

My MacBook randomly started doing this about a day ago. Occasionally I'll start a video on my iPhone…

YouTube 10 reply • 23 browse • 2019-05-03

Notifications for comment but no comment on video?

This has occured several times within the past few weeks. I will see that someone has commented on o…

YouTube 10 reply • 32 browse • 2019-04-30

How do I disable the mini player?

There is no option to disable it under playback and performance as a quick google search suggests.

YouTube 10 reply • 17 browse • 2019-04-26

Youtube keep showing same Recommended clips although i watched them.

Youtube keep showing same Recommended clips although i watched them. If i watch video clip through o…

YouTube 10 reply • 25 browse • 2019-04-19

Watched videos keep coming up, how can I stop that?

Video's that I already watched keep coming up in [suggested videos] and on the home page. What I hav…

YouTube 10 reply • 28 browse • 2019-04-15

I have a premium YouTube account, yet it doesn't recognize that I am.

I'm only noticing this issue of very recently. I can't download videos, can't watch in the backgroun…

YouTube 5 reply • 30 browse • 2019-04-01

Why my watch time is decreasing continuously?

My channel's watch time was earlier 3900 but from 2-3weeks it has decreasing continuously and has d…

YouTube 5 reply • 32 browse • 2019-03-24

Can’t comment on any YouTube video

I can’t comment on any YouTube video while I do have an official google YouTube account.

YouTube 10 reply • 33 browse • 2019-03-20

Why does YouTube delete my likes?

So I watch YouTube A LOT. And I like to support my favorite YouTubers by liking their videos. I can …

YouTube 10 reply • 28 browse • 2019-03-16

YouTube is deleting people's comments

I've been noticing that YouTube has been deleting comments as of lately. It's already bad enough tha…

YouTube 10 reply • 28 browse • 2019-03-10

Report channels who are showing animal abuse

Hello, I would like to report channel who is showing incredible animal abuse with several ways how t…

YouTube 10 reply • 33 browse • 2019-03-04

Why are comments not showing on my videos?

Problem: Comments are not showing in the comment section. I can see and interact with them via the c…

YouTube 10 reply • 35 browse • 2019-02-12

I cant send a superchat

I used to be able to send a super chat but now I just get a message saying unable to send super chat…

YouTube 10 reply • 39 browse • 2019-01-25

I can't see comments on the videos I watch

I have tried turning restricted mode on and off. I have looked through settings and found nothing. I…

YouTube 5 reply • 31 browse • 2019-01-18

Comments not showing up?

So I have a couple of YT accounts. Any time I try to comment on a YT video with my primary account i…

YouTube 5 reply • 39 browse • 2019-01-08