How do I change my settings on my webpage in order to enter your program?

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My webpage is totally for children and family. I have gathered so many good programs for them, there is no other similar webpage where these data are collected. You can find webpages on this topic which collect only the top 10 or some of the great programs, but they are not aiming the total number, as I am trying. There are feedbacks, everyone said it is unique, gives great help to families, therefore there will be many followers later on. Now, I am just sharing it in community media, but I did not put great emphasis on marketing, while you do not approve my application to your Adsense Program. I have read the regulations, it is already kept. Please let me know what do I have to change? So many ads can be related (sport, clothes, games etc.)
Thank you in advance for your kind help. 

Best regards, 

Eva Vagnerne Petras