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Byte Beats agreed to spin off TikTok's U.S. business as Microsoft negotiated a takeover

On the evening of August 1, Bloomberg reported that U.S. President Donald Trump had ordered Byte Beats to relinquish ownership of the overseas version of TikTok, which has agreed to spin off TikTok's U.S. operations altogether. That is, command byte beats in the United States to sell overseas versions of the jitter TikTok. And the next TikTok business has been found. Microsoft said it was in talks to buy TikTok, Bloomberg reported.

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TikTok Treasure-class travel bloggers take stock of life as well as poetry and distance

In addition to the present, there are poems and far away, this sentence gave many people fantasy and hope, busy with the trivial things in life, by the epidemic tripped, by the pressure of work, how long have you not come to a talk to go on the trip? It doesn't matter, follow in the footsteps of the Tik Tok travel blogger and travel around the world!

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Xiao war tiktok platform, and launched the "light point" dance set, you GET?

On May 8, Xiao war and Xiao war studio tiktok platform. On the same day, Xiao posted a short video. In the video, Xiao hopes Tiktok's friends will launch a dance challenge for LightPoint.

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Why did Trump disable TikTok? Americans interview young Americans on the streets, the answer is the same

TikTok is an overseas version of Jitter, a byte-beating product and one of China's most successful Internet products in the world. TikTok quickly occupied the top of the download charts at home and abroad in a short period of time. In the United States, short video APPS is installed on almost every young person's phone.

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Indians continue to play TikTok with Nepali cell phone cards

This article is reproduced from WeChat Public Number: New Nepal, ID:new-nepal

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From model to English teacher Vietnam Tik Tokda strength interpretation of two kinds of net red life

Fashion models and English teachers, two seemingly irrelevant identities, have had a wonderful fusion here with Vietnamese girl Nguyen Yu. Niyu can not only easily switch between the two identities, but also make both careers into a net red.

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China's "post-00" shines olympic stage TikTok netizens: the future belongs to them

Diving "Dream Team", weightlifting "Gold Medal Division", Ping-Pong Tian group, 100 meters running "Asian miracle" ... This summer, the Chinese sports delegation burst the Tokyo Olympics!

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The New York Times: Want career planning advice? Try TikTok

According to the New York Times, during the global recession triggered by the new crown outbreak, overseas career planners actively moved into TikTok, which was sought after by netizens and gained a large number of fans.

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British chef: "I became a cooking star on TikTok after being laid off"

Source: Reference message

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Trump's blocking of Tik Took has sent young people back? User: Politics disrupts life for the first time

U.S. President Donald Trump's announcement that he would disable the "overseas version" of TikTok has sparked a backlash among some young users. Some young people say they use TikTok to promote or get messages about environmental protection, anti-racism demonstrations, and they almost don't like Trump, and some have campaigned on TikTok to take down Trump's businesses. Many young TikTok users believe that Trump's ban on tweets is aimed at them, which will only prompt more young people to vote against him.

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China-Russia review: U.S. ban on TikTok will be counterproductive

Screenshots were published on the website of the Russian newspaper

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Oxford Post: Oxford University's TikTok show the beauty of the school has millions of fans

Even in the cold winters when the epidemic is raging, short video platforms can still make old schools attractive.

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20% increase in conversion rate depends on it To explain the "three-step approach" of TikTok short video marketing

Yibang Power News: Cross-border e-commerce enterprises want to do a good job of Tiktok marketing, video content production is the most critical link.

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Accumulated downloads of 1.5 billion times, shake the international version into overseas KOL sales of new positions

Guide: The growing number of users of the international version of Shaker, beauty brands and a large number of fans of TikTok opinion leaders will also continue to increase cooperation, for the pace of accelerating the pace of e-commerce TikTok is a good time to develop.

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Nintendo sues TikTok Net-a-Red for making small movies and selling Pokemon Balls

Nintendo's legal department has gained considerable fame in the industry, and once it discovers possible infringements, it will hit back, having previously been hit by the old legal department for games such as the player's homemade Pokemon Go and Super Mario Escape. Now Nintendo is eyeing TikTok's red pokeprincss, demanding that she completely change her online identity and hand over her marketing earnings.

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Block TikTok, no winner

Amid the conflict and chaos of the Trump administration, the values of the United States and the market economy are fading away.

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15 Seconds of the World: Breaking Dreams of Poverty? India's Tik Toker staged an overnight escape

TikTok is under threat of closure, the first not in the US, but in India, TikTok's largest overseas market. Here, the TikTok ban has been implemented so hard that a group of Indian Tik Tokers have launched a runaway campaign to shift their focus to other social platforms. But at the same time, some Tik Toker feels the ban is a good thing, seeing it as a rare opportunity to revive local social apps.

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Trump just said to buy TikTok, Fox immediately turned out three months ago, the United States netizens quarreled ...

Mr. Trump's strong buying of TikTok came as Fox News reported an old story on August 3rd, local time, three months earlier, sparking discussion among U.S. netizens.

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Front line | Wal-Mart announced a partnership with TikTok to stream the product, the first attempt by TikTok to sell the product

On December 17th Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, said it would launch a live-streaming partnership with TikTok, the international version of Shaker, to sell Wal-Mart's fashion goods to its customers. While the live streaming tape is ripe, this is TikTok's first attempt to sell goods in a live stream.

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