I am OM PRAKASH, owner OP ONLINE SOLUTION YouTube channel. My channel is hacked around 9:30pm.

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Recovered my youtube channel
Nope. That's not how it works. YouTube staff members don't read or reply here either. Here, users and creators try to help each other. Voluntarily in their free time. Any support for a hack is pure goodwill, because you are basically responsible for the protection of your account.
So, simply claiming a hack will not bring your channel back.
First of all: have you already contacted @TeamYouTube on Twitter, or Creator Support - or created another thread here on the forum to resolve the issue? (This also means topics in other language help communities).
If so, we don't want to cause duplication of work that has already been done elsewhere. If you have created other forum topics about this problem, please close all others except this one topic. If you have already opened a tweet to @TeamYouTube, or contacted Creator Support, then please wait for their response. Otherwise:
What is your Channel-Url?
If the channel has already been terminated:
The channel url is in the GMail/email notification for termination.
If you have not received a notification, then check your Gmail account to see if a hacker has set up filters to block messages from Google/YouTube. If that was the case, then you can usually find/recover deleted messages in the Trash:
Also check your permissions in third-party tools/apps, scan your devices for malware - and then work your way through here first:
And then get back to me here so I can help you - and don't forget to answer me the question if you already asked for help on Twitter @TeamYouTube.