Reused Content problem - need help or any recommendation

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We are a distributor company. We bought content from licensors to publish it in my territory. It's correct that I use content that is not my original but I have permission from the licensor to monetize it properly in my territory. My channel has no copyright claim. The problem is YouTube doesn't let me monetize my channel. I've got the refuse for monetization twice with the "reused content" issue. (It's a distributor company, so of cause, I have to use reuse content)

What should I do to make my channel pass for resubmitting again next time?
Hello Hollywood Thailand!
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Copyright issues are complex, and sometimes turn into a legal plane when legal advice is needed.  

鈻 Please write down the type of license you are using and a link to your channel.
I using the internet rights (TVOD, AVOD, SVOD available)
Some contents are my original content, but since I can't monetize I have to upload to another channel to create a content ID (and make some money) first.

and this is the link to my Channel 

Please help or advise.
Thank you